What People Are Saying About “HELPLESSNESS”

“Rarely are authors able to imbue their stories with as much heart, pain, and passion as Keeper. Audiences are not ready for the depths that this work chronicles. There is a saying in screenwriting that a good movie is three good scenes and no bad ones. Here, the Keeper seems to have more than a handful of great potential scenes, and they are led by the epic, gut-wrenching family meeting where the assault revelations come out, followed by the pulse-pounding final confrontation between Keeper and the tormenter in Henry. All in all, there is plenty here to level the audience with this work’s high-stakes drama and harsh truths. – TaleFlick

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“This book SHOULD be used as an educational tool, therapy tool, self-help tool, and all the other tools I failed to mention.” – Jill, L. Librarian, and mother

“It is one of the most absorbing, educating, and humbling morality roller coasters I have ever read. I called my sisters after I finished, and we talked for two hours about how your book impacted me.” – Richard G, TV and movie star

“My husband can’t stop talking about Keeper’s book, and he’s only a third of the way through it.” – Jean, S.

“Holy shit, Keeper! The way you write, it was like I was watching a movie. It was like I was in the room where it happened.” – David, K.

“You get it, unlike any man I know. You are one of the team. The women’s team.”  – Mrs. T. Cook

“That chapter called The Parent/Child Contract shook me to my core.” – Joe, G.

“I can’t imagine living and surviving the way this family had to. I think this book will become a critically acclaimed piece of work although I’m only halfway through it.” – Naomi, B.

“Helplessness is riveting! It made me feel such admiration you and your siblings. This book can be an inspiration to many. It offers a message that regardless of your past and what life holds, it is possible to survive. It is an important reminder that our past experiences mold who we are today. That it’s okay to feel those emotions…that it’s okay to cry…that it’s okay to feel despair and hiding the past doesn’t make it go away.” – Amy, B.