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TaleFlick Reviews HELPLESSNESS

TaleFlick is a curation and library service for authors, specializing in adapting books to TV shows and movies. Their clients include major Hollywood studios, directors, writers, and producers.

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Check Out Keeper Catran-Whitney’s Story

In 1977, my family, The Whitney Family, made Billboard Magazine’s Top 100, both for an album and a single. After years of living in poverty and often being homeless, we finally found our way out when Motown Records called. Motown had been searching for their replacement for The Jackson Five for three years, which they had lost to EPIC Records.

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BOOK CORNER: Author addresses sexual assault in new memoir

“Helplessness: What Happens to Brothers When We Learn Our Sisters Have Been Molested by Our Parents?” by Keeper Catran-Whitney is an upcoming memoir detailing the author’s 45-year journey of abandonment, betrayal, guilt, trauma, shame, regret and drive to reclaim the honor and respect of his sisters.

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Meet Keeper Carann-Whitney | Author, Speaker & Kick-Activist

Hi Keeper, as a parent, what have you done for you children that you feel has had the most significant impact?

Growing up in the inner city in a family of eight children, six of us eight were molested as children, my older brother and I by our baby sitter and my four sisters by old stepfather, it was essential I share my story. 

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Meet Keeper CatranWhitney

Keeper, appreciate you joining us today. Let’s kick things off with talking about how you serve the underserved, because in our view this is one of the most important things the small business community does for society – by serving those who the giant corporations ignore, small business helps create a more inclusive and just world for all of us.

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Contact: Flo Jenkins, 424-362-4071;

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The Mental Health Challenges Brothers Experience When They Learn Their Sisters Are Molested By Parents?

Based On A True Story New Book Sheds Light on Taboo Subject

Los Angeles, CA – May 30, 2023 – Author, Keeper Catran-Whitney tackles a fragile, rarely discussed, yet urgent subject with the release of HELPLESSNESS. HELPLESSNESS is the first of a powerful 3-volume book series, From Helplessness to Hopefulness to Happiness, a true-life story that deals in depth with the effects of sexual abuse—especially the emotional and mental trauma brothers endure when they learn their sisters have been molested; in this case, like in millions of others, molestation not by a stranger, but by a parent. Through this personal revelation that his brothers and sisters continue to deal with 40 years later, Keeper hopes to educate and encourage others to boldly deal with the issue, including exposing its perpetrators, bringing the historic “epidemic” from the shadows into the light so that victims can be healed

      According to a “Top Pick” review of HELPLESSNESS by TaleFlick (a curation and library service for authors, specializing in adapting books to movies and tv shows), “Rarely are authors able to imbue their stories with as much heart, pain, and passion as Keeper. Audiences are not ready for the depths that this work chronicles.”

      HELPLESSNESS reveals the shock and pain Keeper and his 3 brothers experienced upon learning their stepfather had been sexually molesting their 4 sisters for years. What deepened the wound was that their mother had known the entire time and had done nothing and said nothing to protect her four little girls. 

      Learning of the tragic situation was made even worse because of the timing. You see, Keeper and his family—The Whitney Family—were a very popular local singing group about to sign a major recording deal with the renowned Motown Records. Keeper, a teenager at the time, along with his older brother, 2 younger brothers, a 16-year-old sister, and 3 little sisters—a 12-year-old and 11-year-old twins—along with their mother and stepfather would be signing a historic deal, unmatched at the time by any Motown group since the Jackson Five. In addition, At Whit’s End, a 30-minute musical comedy sitcom was in the works.

      This family’s success and fame was not to be, however – at least not in the entertainment world. Learning about the secret molestation brought every possibility of a better life for this struggling family to a halt. They would not make an impact on the world in the way they had planned—through singing, dancing, and acting. Keeper now believes there was a bigger assignment, perhaps a master plan. One which would save lives.

      Although it has been decades since the family secret was exposed to the siblings, the passing of the years has not meant the passing of the pain. Keeper Catran-Whitney and his brothers were told to never talk about the molestation. They withheld the secret, which destroyed them emotionally and broke the sibling relationship as well. No one knew how to deal with it, especially the boys. They were left holding a secret and enduring the pain. That is, until Keeper decided he could withhold it no longer. He began talking about it with his own family—his wife, son, and daughter—and eventually with some of his sisters and brothers. He found some relief in writing the story—hoping to free himself, and his brothers especially, from the imprisoning agony of not being able to protect their sisters. They needed healing.

      Book 1, HELPLESSNESS, reveals how Keeper began a slow healing process. First, by understanding he and his brothers were victims, too. This was a true revelation. The victimization had weakened their spirits; yet, Keeper believed there was victory on the other side of the indescribable shame. How many other brothers agonized helplessly upon learning their sisters had been sexually violated? He found no substantial information about it. To help himself, his brothers, his family, and others address the dilemma—and recover, not only did he write about it, but he also began a YouTube podcast, This is for the Brothers, to openly discuss the issue. Find additional information at

      With the 3-book series, Keeper aims to spare potential victims by bringing the issue from the secret places to the light, thereby, exposing a long tradition of molestations inflicted especially onto children by parents,

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relatives, and outsiders. Outsiders that include trusted leaders such as preachers, teachers, and babysitters. Keeper believes “It’s the secrets that perpetuate the rampant molestation epidemic—allowing more victims to suffer.”

      HELPLESSNESS has contributions from three of Keepers’ sisters and two of his brothers providing a comprehensive understanding of the impact child sexual abuse trauma has on the entire family. This type of sibling collaborative endeavor is unheard of in the accounts of child sexual abuse.

      Keeper Catran-Whitney is available for speaking engagements, television appearances, and interviews regarding his books and the devastating effects of sexual molestation on families—especially on brothers whose sisters have been molested. 

 HELPLESSNESS is available on Amazon.

 For further information, contact: Flo Jenkins, 424-362-4071 or via email: [email protected]

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What People Are Saying About “HELPLESSNESS”

“Rarely are authors able to imbue their stories with as much heart, pain, and passion as Keeper. Audiences are not ready for the depths that this work chronicles. There is a saying in screenwriting that a good movie is three good scenes and no bad ones. Here, the Keeper seems to have more than a handful of great potential scenes, and they are led by the epic, gut-wrenching family meeting where the assault revelations come out, followed by the pulse-pounding final confrontation between Keeper and the tormenter in Henry. All in all, there is plenty here to level the audience with this work’s high-stakes drama and harsh truths. – TaleFlick

TaleFlick is a curation and library service for authors, specializing in adapting books to movies and tv shows. Clients include major Hollywood studios, producers, directors, and writers.

“This book SHOULD be used as an educational tool, therapy tool, self-help tool, and all the other tools I failed to mention.” – Jill, L. Librarian, and mother

“It is one of the most absorbing, educating, and humbling morality roller coasters I have ever read. I called my sisters after I finished, and we talked for two hours about how your book impacted me.” – Richard G, TV and movie star

“My husband can’t stop talking about Keeper’s book, and he’s only a third of the way through it.” – Jean, S.

“Holy shit, Keeper! The way you write, it was like I was watching a movie. It was like I was in the room where it happened.” – David, K.

“You get it, unlike any man I know. You are one of the team. The women’s team.”  – Mrs. T. Cook

“That chapter called The Parent/Child Contract shook me to my core.” – Joe, G.

“I can’t imagine living and surviving the way this family had to. I think this book will become a critically acclaimed piece of work although I’m only halfway through it.” – Naomi, B.

“Helplessness is riveting! It made me feel such admiration you and your siblings. This book can be an inspiration to many. It offers a message that regardless of your past and what life holds, it is possible to survive. It is an important reminder that our past experiences mold who we are today. That it’s okay to feel those emotions…that it’s okay to cry…that it’s okay to feel despair and hiding the past doesn’t make it go away.” – Amy, B.