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TaleFlick Reviews HELPLESSNESS

TaleFlick is a curation and library service for authors, specializing in adapting books to TV shows and movies. Their clients include major Hollywood studios, directors, writers, and producers.

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Check Out Keeper Catran-Whitney’s Story

In 1977, my family, The Whitney Family, made Billboard Magazine’s Top 100, both for an album and a single. After years of living in poverty and often being homeless, we finally found our way out when Motown Records called. Motown had been searching for their replacement for The Jackson Five for three years, which they had lost to EPIC Records.

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BOOK CORNER: Author addresses sexual assault in new memoir

“Helplessness: What Happens to Brothers When We Learn Our Sisters Have Been Molested by Our Parents?” by Keeper Catran-Whitney is an upcoming memoir detailing the author’s 45-year journey of abandonment, betrayal, guilt, trauma, shame, regret and drive to reclaim the honor and respect of his sisters.

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Meet Keeper Carann-Whitney | Author, Speaker & Kick-Activist

Hi Keeper, as a parent, what have you done for you children that you feel has had the most significant impact?

Growing up in the inner city in a family of eight children, six of us eight were molested as children, my older brother and I by our baby sitter and my four sisters by old stepfather, it was essential I share my story. 

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Meet Keeper CatranWhitney

Keeper, appreciate you joining us today. Let’s kick things off with talking about how you serve the underserved, because in our view this is one of the most important things the small business community does for society – by serving those who the giant corporations ignore, small business helps create a more inclusive and just world for all of us.

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